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Meridian Solutions Inc – digital marketing agency in Calicut is back with yet another blog on the topic – Trends involved in digital marketing 2020. 

We’ll know the fact the changes in the field of digital marketing is taking place at a very fast pace & so to stay updated with the latest trends is something that you can do to stand out among the crowd. 

And, during the tough time of COVID-19 things are getting more in-demand on online platforms rather than on the real world. And, it’s all because of the whole lockdown & restrictions that we’ve to follow to stay safe. 

So, most of the business entrepreneurs are taking their business to online platforms. And, to gain or to retain your brand-value you need the help of digital marketing services.   

And, that’s when your digital marketing services need to stand out among others. So,  this blog post goes equally important for digital marketing enthusiasts & all the digital marketing agencies. 

So, without any due let’s get started with the read. 

The blog post is going to be series & in this blog, we’ll share some of the trends & you can expect the continuation in the coming days. 

Trends that you should look for in digital marketing for the year 2020- (Part 1)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- 

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the year 2020 is going to evolve to the best shape & is going to be a dominant factor among the global business tycoons & will soon become a common industry interest. 

AI-Based Chatbots – 

Chatbots are yet another example of how AI is going to take dominance & importance in the coming times. Chatbots are AI-based technology that has several benefits & uses.  

Some of the common uses or benefits- 
  • Responsive 24/7 provides instant messaging to the customer chats in real-time. 
  • Chatbots maintains accurate customer records for you. 
Content Marketing – 

We’ll know that fact that the “Content has always been the king”. Good engaging content helps in better conversation & user-engagement. Good content will always help you build a rapport with your customers & gives you more credibility in the online platforms. 

The marketing strategy with good content was always an in-thing when it comes to online platforms & gaining users in online platforms. 

Implementation of Voice search – 

Voice search continues to redefine the trends in digital marketing. As we can notice there is a rise in the usage of digital assistant like- Amazon Echo, Google Home among the people all around the world. 

So, keeping close attention to voice search & its optimization process will help you to compete better in the digital world. 

Giving the users a personalized customer experience- 

Times are changing today’s customers needs personalised experience & to understand that one need to pay a close at attention to customer behaviour. 

This can be achieved by thoroughly analysing of customer behaviour based on their purchase history & likes & dislikes help you in delivering the best user experience & helps in creating rapport.    

The above listed are some of the trends that you need to concentrate on making digital marketing services better for you & your customers. 

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