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How your websites can rule over mobile apps?

Meridian Solutions Inc- website design company in Calicut is back with a new read on the topic- “How websites can rule over mobile apps”

When the mobile internet went to the 3rd generation in 2008, nobody thought it was having the potential to overtake desktop internet users in a million years.

But within a decade it clearly beat desktop users and aiming high right now. So this is high time to redesign your website concepts in this era of survival of the fittest. But how? Let’s see.

It is a now or never situation for those who depend on your official website to promote your business. Yes, you heard it right.

If you are still proceeding with the good old methods you have and believe that it is going to save you, then you are totally wrong.

We will explain this with some facts.

We all know how things rapidly changed in internet traffic among mobile users in India. There are mainly two reasons behind this. Implementation of the latest technologies and the launch of 4G is the first one.

Wondering what is the second one?

Cutting down the rate for internet packages by all providers becomes the reason for this revolutionized change in the sector of accessing the worldwide web through mobile phones.

And the most interesting but disturbing thing is studies say that by 2023, we can witness a double increase of mobile internet users that of now.

So choosing the best website design company in Calicut should be your first step.    

What’s next?

Of course, there will be a gradual increase in mobile application users but the websites will still stand tall when compared with mobile applications.

This is your final wake-up call to get connected with a well-reputed website design company in Calicut such as Meridian Solutions.

Because in this scenario of the struggle for existence you might need to implement the latest trends in websites such as

And, Meridian Solutions Inc is the right place for you who provides all these new trends in the world of web design which makes you capable enough to survive in this competitive world. 

Curious about what we do?

There is no surprise. Because if we claim that we are the leading website design company in Calicut, and it is our responsibility to make you understand that, and once you become our client, make you admit that.

Giving ultimate importance to responsive websites (that works equally regardless of platform) and changing the existing website with the most modern inventions enabled websites are some of the solutions currently we have.


  • Improves user experience:- A responsive website improves user experience and satisfaction. And, can create a positive impression on users.

Websites compared to applications, are faster than mobile applications and are easier to use. An ideal responsive website can be instantly accessed from mobile or any other device giving the users the best experience.

  • Cost-effective options:- Mobile-friendly websites are cheaper compared to mobile applications.

Websites are a more cost-effective method to reach target users.

  • Impressive loading and download speed:- Mobile sites designed according to mobile standards, navigation becomes faster. The download speed is also optimal.

As your mobile website can be faster and more effective in terms of browsing and downloading on your device.

It can make your users navigate faster and faster than an application.

  • Stay ahead of your Competitors:- If you have a mobile-friendly website, you will get an upper hand ahead of your competitors.

Instead of going through hard steps to change things in an application,  it is very easy in the case of a website. 

  • Brand Identity:- Mobile-friendly websites can help you stand out from the crowd.

A website can bring more popularity to your brand than an application because it is having a strong backup from search engines.

Whatever is said and done, the final choice is yours. You have the final authority to decide what to do and what not to do. So wisely made a choice. Ready to adopt the changes to stay strong. 

Happy Vishu from Meridian Family

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