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Implementation of videos in web design with Meridian Solutions INC

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Today in this read you will learn how the implementation of videos in your web design helps your business.

We all know that videos have always remained one of the favorite visuals in web design and also it’s for a good reason. 

Here are some of the important stats to show how videos can be a vital factor in web-designs.

  • How many of you know that the great YouTube gets over one billion visits(unique) every month.
  • Over 100+ hours of videos are uploaded every hour all around the world.
  • 6 million+ hours of videos are being watched all around the world.

Here’s why you should consider videos in your web designs or when planning to build a website-

  • Implementing an engaging video in your web design layout will deliver a standard or a prime quality & helps you to establish a rapport with your visitors. You can implement a wide variety of videos. Eg- explainer videos, product descriptions videos.
  • Having a video on your landing page can also significantly increase conversions and help with lead generation.
  • High-quality, informative videos boost your website’s authority and popularity. This, in turn, helps you to rank higher in organic search results. 
  • Finally, informative or funny videos get shared on social media more often. Which strengthens brand awareness and further improves your site’s ranking.

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