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Effectively Implementing images & animations in web designs

Hello, readers hope you all are doing great in your lives. We Meridian- Web Development Company In Calicut have recently posted about making your web designs more attractive & user-friendly.

In this read, we’re gonna help you know more on the topic- Implementing images & animations in web designs more effectively.

Great visuals never get old & always help you to create an impact among the users.

Attractive graphics and illustrations are another design trend preferred as an effective tool for conveying a brand message.

With the use of tools like automated retouching, they can be easily customized to suit the tone and vision of your company and help you stand out from the competition.

It’s always better web designers continue to use transitions and animations as vital elements to improve user experience, engagement, and interaction.

How to use images/animations more effectively in web designs-

  • The selection of images is the first stage that you need to give importance to. Make sure that you select the most appropriate & high-resolution images when creating a web design.
  • Always consider the different crop size & ratios it will help your websites to draw the user’s attention by reducing the unnecessary dead space in the websites.
  • Always choose images not only for UI but also for the icons that you’re planning to use in your web designs like the social media icons, book now icons, etc.
  • Never use multiple vibrant images when creating a website. This helps in giving the user a simple & elegant feel for your website.

The above listed are some of the tips that you can remember when planning to implement images & animations in web design.

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