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Know about the Rise of Typography in Web Designs with Meridian Solutions

How many of you know that 95% of the info on the web is in written format? And, that is when you understand the scope of good typography in web designs. We Meridian Solutions, the #1 Web Development Company In Calicut are well aware of this.

Quality fonts that used to be costly are now gaining in popularity after Google Fonts made them free of charge. Fun and interesting fonts like Roboto and Open Sans are replacing highly-popular fonts like Calibri.

As part of the aspiration for clean and simple web design, designers are opting for less elaborate typefaces and pair them with bright colors, gradients, customizations, and cutouts to make the lettering stand out.

Here are some of the biggest typography trends for 2020 to inspire you

  • Animated typography- A technique that involves the usage of moving the text that aims in the capture of user attention which results in entertaining users visiting your website.
  • Undersized typography in the hero area of the website- This trend of consisting a hero image on your website can be summarized as large & attractive headers that you see in web design.
  • Serifs- Serifs are that small feature present on the end of certain fonts to give them an extra stroke. Some of the common Serif typefaces-

The main advantage of Serifs is that they can easily be readable even at small body copy sizes.

  • Cutouts and overlays- It refers to the text elements present in your web designs that have no colour fill. A cutout generally allows anything in the background layer to show through the type design.
  • Highlighted type- These trends in typography emphasis is the strengthening of words in a text with a font in a different style from the rest of the text, to highlight them.
  • Colour fonts and type- The colours & the font types in web designs can trigger a number of responses. Also, there are a million fonts in the web designs & these fonts prove to speak louder than words.
  • Text with gradients- A gradient is the gradual blending from one colour to another. It enables the designer to almost create a new colour. The gradients add depth to the texts & fonts.

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