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Social media marketing(SMM) is the process of gaining traffic by the means of social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc..). Social media marketing is one of the power tools among digital marketing trends. In this read, let’s understand SMM services in Kochi by Meridian Solutions and why we are #1.

Why there is so much hype about SMM (social media marketing)?

Did you know? That search engine optimisation (SEO) & social media marketing are related to each other?

Yes, you read it right both of them are related to each other.

You might be aware of the term “SEO” and “Link Building”. If you are not aware of them you can read it on our previous blog post on SEO.

2019 Trends for better SEO

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SEO the process of optimising your website in order to gain traffic by building backlinks for your websites in order to gain traffic & user engagement.

With SMM strategy you create social media posts that give boom for your websites which makes your SEO process a bit easier.  

Your website gains traffic, you rank No. #1 in the web searches. Thus ultimately helping you to grow in your field of work.  

Now, that you’ve understood the importance of SMM. Let’s get to know more about our topic-

“2019 SMM trends to follow for better results”.

  • Social Media Engagement- It is now very important. In the early 2018 Facebook have updated their algorithm that focuses on user engagement on your Facebook profile or page.   

Tips for making it possible-

  1. More relevant content- i.e to create interesting, appealing and engaging content for your Fb users.  
  2. After the new algorithm change, it’s not enough to encourage people to like, comment, share on your posts.

  • Live videos gain more popularity- Live video are more engaging & interactive with an easy to use interface making it more convenient for you to address your followers on a single go.

  • AR (artificial reality) has now started to make its presence more inevitable- AR is not starting to make its baby steps to the field of Social media in the form of face filters, geo-filters etc.
    • As time passes AR is going to offer more interactive, engaging & the most personalized experience like never before in the field of SMM.   

  • AI-driven yet the most personalized experience- As time is changing needs to focus more AI-driven personalized experience.
    • I.e- chatbots to ad optimization big tycoons have already started to adopt artificial intelligence for enhancing customer experience.  

The above listed are a few of the trends that you need to follow for better results. As time passes the trends will also change but don’t worry we’ll regularly update you with latest happenings & events.

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