2020 Ramadan Kareem wishes from Meridian Solutions Inc

Meridian Solutions INC– Digital Marketing Agency In Calicut, Kerala wishes everyone across the globe, Ramadan Kareem wishes, on behalf of the whole team of Meridian. 

Ramadan Kareem wishes from Meridian Solutions Inc

Ramadan- A holy month when Muslims worldwide observe fasting from dawn to dusk. 

This year Ramadan starts from April 24 i.e today and will end on May 23. 

Unlike any other Ramadan this year we’re going through a tough phase due to COVID-19 & so we’ve many limitations. 

During this Ramadan, people will maintain social distancing and celebrate the occasion with family. But, don’t get disheartened a prayer is the voice of faith. 

And, those who have faith can make any place their worship place. 

This Ramadan let’s pray that this COVID-19 takes no more lives & all the fellow beings to remain safe from this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

Pray Allah and keep your faith firm in Allah. This shall also pass. 

Let’s hope we’ll be back to our normal lives soon. Don’t forget to help others once the situations are normal because only we can help each other in making our lives better. 

So, lend your hands to the needy. 

Meridian Solutions Inc- Digital Marketing Agency In Calicut is just a call away from you. We’ll definitely help you recover from the effect of the great lockdown that has happed due to COVID-19 with our services. 

We’re still supporting many companies all around the world to cope up with this tough time with our services & will continue to do so. 

Remember if you need any services of any details on our services you can just reach out to our- 

Email id- support@meridian.net.in

Contact details- 

Calicut branch- 

  • +91 9645 392 515
  • +91 9349 522 603

Kochi branch- (4 lines) 

  • +91 ​9072 32 5966 
  • +91 9388 43 8612
  • +91 9349 522 603
  • 0484 – 4038726

We’re at your service 24/7 & we do understand your situation during this time. Let’s join hands & support each other during this tough time.

Once again Ramadan Kareem wishes to all of the people around the globe. Stay strong & stay positive. Let’s hope all this chaos ends soon. 

Meridian Solutions Inc-Digital Marketing Agency In Calicut

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