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Importance of Faster and cleaner web designs

Having a beautiful & attractive website is good, but imagine your website taking ages to load. Will that help you?  No right? Don’t worry. Meridian Solutions is the best website design company in Calicut ready to help you.

Let’s get started with the read. 

Today the internet users are very much demanding & needs everything at a single click, according to a recent data shared on the internet it’s said that users expect a page to load in not more than 3 seconds. 

And also there is a contradiction to this data. It’s noted that an average mobile landing page today takes around 15 seconds to load!

Facts to support our statement-  

  • Nearly 75% of mobile users face a problem with the site loading speed.  
  • And nearly 45% of people hate this wait when they are browsing one internet in mobiles.
  • Also,  around 80% of online buyers who face the site loading speed problem don’t return to that particular site. 

It’s a fact that a slow loading website will make half of the visitors to leave the website. And, in other words, the slow loading speed of site results in a low conversion rate & revenues.

Also, Google ranks your website lower if you’re having a slow loading speed so having a good site speed will automatically improve your ranking.  

Keeping this in mind the web designers today are busy creating simpler yet the most cleaner sites. 

Websites that are full of heavy texts are the trends in the early times but the times have changed. 

Yes, the time has changed modern websites only contain just enough text to convey the brand’s message.

And, these texts are combined with images in order to get more users’ attention & to make the user engagement more in your websites. Also, a website with a clean & catchy web design (better UX) is always a plus point.  This makes the users visit your time over time.

So without much due visit Meridian Solutions INC – the best website design company in Calicut and join your hands with us.

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