Let's fight The Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19)

Let’s fight The Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19)- Meridian

Meridian Solutions Inc is one of the Best SEO Agency In Kerala offering the finest of SEO services in Kerala. Globally recognized for the informative blogs published related to digital marketing & its trends. 

But, today in this read Meridian is gonna cover a serious topic- “The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”.

You might be wondering why a topic like this? 

Today, the world is facing a great panic & risk. The rise of Coronavirus from Wuhan is now spread all around the globe. This disease is spreading at a very fast rate. 

Meridian Solutions Inc is a firm that holds some moral values & holds certain social commitment towards society. And, we believe that it’s our duty to make our readers, followers aware of its seriousness & its preventive measures. 

So, in this read, we’ll be sharing news & facts about preventing the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). 

Well, most of us have googled the origin & reason for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19 but how many of you’ve searched for its preventive measures?

Well, we bet most you would have not even considered it important to Google it because for most of us we think that this virus is not gonna catch them. And, it’s a common misconception & overconfidence. 

So, let’s crack that part first here’s how this Coronavirus could reach you-

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this transmitted by person-to-person contact.

Let’s take 2 common scenarios to understand this better-

1st Scenario –

Just imagine you sitting with a person with SARS-CoV-2 ( Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ) it can be any place like-

  • A garden
  • In a meeting
  • A public function
  • In public transport or any of the things that you may ignore.

And, if that person sneezes or coughs without covering his/her mouth & nose the droplets with the virus are likely to land on you.

2nd Scenario –

Imagine you met someone what is the 1st thing that you will do? A handshake right?

And, now let’s assume he/she is infected or exposed to this virus. The handshake could result in the transfer of some of the viruses to your hand.

And then, if you then touch your mouth or nose without washing your hands first, you’ll give that virus an entry point into your own body.

We hope that the above two scenarios have made you realize the seriousness of this Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This is not the end there are many other possibilities of spreading this but that’s not what we aim is for is prevention.

Yes, the situation is a bit tough but you can make things right by following some small preventive measures like-

  • Keep a distance from the people who are coughing or sneezing.
    • WHO says to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet.
    • CDG suggests maintaining even a bigger distance of 6 feet.
  • Wash your hands more frequently- Wash your hands with soaps for atleast 20 seconds.
  • Usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizer- The usage of hand sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol is a good practice.
  • Like we mentioned above avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes without washing your hands.
  • Avoid public meetings, gathering & functions- Yes, this may sound boring to many of us but, this is one of the prime methods in preventing this disease. Staying at home with 100% cleanliness is the best you can do for yourself.
  • Wearing a mask is also a good practice- But, right now the experts are saying it’s not that necessary compared to the other preventive measures.

We, don’t need to freak out we need to take proper care & precautions against this. This too shall pass.

For all the residents in Kerala here’s a note from the Meridian team-

Keralites are not just ordinary people we’re the fighters & survivors of Nipha & natural calamity like- The floods of 2019. We’ve done this in the past & we’ll do this time also. We’re stronger than everyone else. Let’s fight this together with our Kerala Government.

The Corona helpline no for Kerala is- 1056 (DISHA Helpline)

Let’s pray for our other states & countries may all our brothers & sisters be safe across the globe.

Hereby attaching all the helpline numbers of States & Union Territories (UTs)

The only way to fight Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19) is by preventing it. We hope you’ll remain safe & clean by following the preventive measures & guidelines issued by your respective Governments.

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